What I Wore

Welcome to another Wednesday of What I Wore!  I tried to get this post going this morning before we all had to leave the house, but that was just because I went temporarily insane and believed I had time to do anything beyond our usual harried schedule of clothes, breakfast, teeth, and backpacks.  Those are the 4 things that never change each school morning, yet it all seems so far out of reach for my children until they have probed the limits of my mental stability.

Anyway, still no full length mirror and still no real photos, but I promise I have recreated my outfits as closely as possible to what I actually wore.

Still wearing a lot of jeans around here.  That sounds misleading:  I’m actually wearing the same 2 pair repeatedly for a lot of days.  Also, most of my clothing is stuff I’ve owned for awhile or thrifted, so I just recreate the outfits as closely as possible.  None of the links below are affiliate links because who are we kidding? I’ve been writing this blog for like 5 minutes.  I’m not making a penny.



Black/Gold by sturgmomsays featuring steve-madden shoes

Good Friday was an errand day, including the poorly-timed tattoo laser treatment.  That evening, I went to Happy Hour with some friends, then spent the rest of the evening watching movies with the kids.

I couldn’t find anything that even resembled the Gap tee I wore on Saturday, so just pretend like you see a neon peachy-pink long tee with skinny jeans and gold Sperry knock-offs from Target.

Easter Sunday:


Easter 2014
Easter 2014 by sturgmomsays featuring wedge shoes

I didn’t buy anything new for Easter, so I decided it was a stroke of luck that I already owned the above blouse, and that it accidentally coordinated with my kids’ outfits.  I usually build Easter outfits around Missy’s dress.  The boys have resigned themselves to the fact that Easter is THE ONE DAY of the year that they wear what I tell them to, no questions asked, no fits thrown.  And this year, I let Missy pick her own Easter dress, which is how we ended up with the dress I affectionately call The Rainbow Sherbet Monstrosity.

Exhibit A:


I would have never chosen this dress for her in a million years times infinity.  But, because I’m trying to allow her to make her own choices (within reason) and not be too controlling, and because my mom agreed to buy it for her, THIS is the dress she ended up with.  So I went with the blouse above and some pinkish-peach pants.  My pants were actually from Target, but they’re from last year, hence no current picture.


Casual Monday White/Orange
Casual Monday White/Orange by sturgmomsays featuring gold tone drop earrings

Another Jeans Day at school because I supported our Relay for Life team.  My orange wedges were actually (old) from Kohl’s, but I really love the option above.  Then a friend/former colleague told me that her mom just bought that same pair in black.  While I love friend/former colleague’s mom, it sort of reminded me of the time (not so long ago) that I was feeling young and sassy while shopping at Express.   The 10 year old salesGIRL who rang up my purchase (Cardigans.  So what??) said, “Yeah, my mom just bought these same ones.”  Sassy Bubble officially burst.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I wore a flowy chiffon blouse from Kohl’s with skinny jeans and gold sandals.  It was cute; definitely take my word for it, even if some of my clothing choices are on-par with retirees.   Just call me Mrs. Roper.





What I Wore

I’m so thankful that I work in a fairly casual environment, so you generally won’t find me in business suits, heels, and hose.  Cropped pants, cardigans, and flowy blouses pretty much sums up my spring wardrobe.  I’m far from a fashionista, but my style has come a loooong way in the past few years, thanks to stylish friends, pinterest, and various style blogs!

So here’s basically what I wore this week. I don’t own a full length mirror, so these are basic re-creations. I do not have any affiliate links.

Casual Terry Sweatshirt w/ Boyfriend Jeans
Casual Terry Sweatshirt w/ Boyfriend Jeans by sturgmomsays featuring a striped pullover
Sunday was church.  Our church is pretty casual, plus I was staying in the nursery, so I wanted to be as comfy as possible.
Boyfriend Jeans and Green
Boyfriend Jeans and Green by sturgmomsays featuring gold jewellery
Monday was a “jeans day” at work.  Our school has a huge Relay for Life team, and one incentive for contributing a certain dollar amount to the team was to get a jeans day every Monday for the last 9 weeks of school.  Score!  I love dressing jeans up a little, and don’t usually have an occasion, but I do now!
Khaki Crops w/ Turquoise
Khaki Crops w/ Turquoise by sturgmomsays featuring brown twill pants
Tuesday’s goal was comfort.  Who am I kidding?  Every day is a day for comfort!  This outfit is pretty simple, but I was warm in my freezing office.  It probably helped that I took my fuzzy slippers to wear while I was at my desk.
Black and Red


Black and Red by sturgmomsays featuring leather shoes
Wednesday (today) was one of my favorite outfit formulas:  neutral with a fun colored pair of pants!
I’m so looking forward to a long weekend.  Can’t wait to share pics of the coordinated outfits my kiddos are wearing for Easter.  But still no idea what I’m going to wear!  I guess this weekend will call for a little extra shopping.
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