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It’s officially fall, and I haven’t had a single Pumpkin Spice Latte (or any other latte, for that matter) from Starbucks.  In an effort to muster some variety of goodwill towards fall, I bought some pumpkin spice creamer for the coffee I save money on by brewing at home everyday, but I still prefer my trusty standby, hazelnut.  Hazelnut just gets me.  When the weather really cools down (in Texas, “really cools down” means “stays under 70 ALL DAY), I will put away some chai tea lattes.  Those things are like a warm cozy hug in winter.


I didn’t intend to write all those words about coffee.  Sometimes blogging gold just happens.

Now that it’s fall, I guess I’m in the “acceptance” stage of grief over summer’s end.


It’s taken me 6 weeks and some medication to get to this point.  Currently I’m in that trudging time of the school year where the next significant break is too far in the future to cultivate any positive feelings of anticipation, and the summer is too far in the past to to draw anyotivation from its memory. So I just keep my nose to the computer screen most of the day, and give myself a sarcastic slow clap before bed every evening.  I deserve the applause.  And the sarcasm.


The Sturgkids are involved in all manner of extracurricular activities right now, and the level of busyness we’re experiencing is indirectly proportionate to the amount of cash in our bank account.  It is also the answer to the question, “Why do some people decide to remain childless?”

I am super proud of everything in which my babies are participating.  Really!  I Am!  And I’m generally a better time manager when I’m busy as opposed to when I have time to procrastinate.  The stress of it all, though, means that there’s always a ball I’m dropping.  That ball is named always named “Clean House” or “Laundry” so promise you won’t come over without calling first, ok?