Nothing says Easter like the tattoo shop

At this point in the school year, it’s hard to decide if a three-day weekend is a wonderful time spent recharging in order to power through the next few weeks or if it’s pure torture, teasing me about the blissfully unscheduled summer months ahead.  While part of me thinks that I’d love to just charge through the next 34 school days (No weekends! Let’s just get this over with!), the part that slept late Friday morning was all, ‘”I could not have worked one more second this week.”

J ended up heading out for a brief side gig Thursday night through Friday, which threw a slight wrench in my Friday plans.  See, I have a tattoo that’s has a um….mistake (how this happened is a blog post for another day).  Long story short, I didn’t want to reschedule my laser removal appointment because I’ve been lazy enough over the past year and only had one laser treatment when I could have potentially had six and had the entire ordeal corrected by now.  Instead, every time someone looks at my tattoo I just continue to wonder if they notice that it’s wrong and are just too polite to say anything, or if they, like me, have poor attention to important (and permanent) details. And then I think, “I really should get that fixed.”

Because the removal place is in the back of a stereotypical  tattoo shop (complete with naked lady artwork on the walls), into which I dragged my three school-age children, I can’t decide if I win Worst Mom of the Year or Kick Ass Mom of the Year.  They made sure to tell me that they heard a few inappropriate words while waiting, but nothing worse than anything that’s come out of their own mouths (<—– not a joke, unfortunately).

Since J had worked practically 36 hours straight from Thursday morning until Friday night, I made the executive decision that we would skip the church Easter Egg Hunt Saturday morning in order to give him a chance to sleep in.  When we finally got moving at about the crack of noon, we just ran a few errands.  We picked up eyeglasses for the younger two, then had to buy dog food and Easter shoes.  But not at the same place.

That evening my precious mother-in-law took care of the kids while J and I ran more errands. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize this life of glamour we lead is real.  We had a romantic dinner at Taco Bueno before declaring ourselves “hard core next week” regarding our eating and exercising habits. Then we shopped for Easter basket goodies.

While we were at Target buying All The Candy (it really wasn’t THAT much), I realized that I should have boiled the eggs for dyeing on Saturday afternoon rather than take that glorious nap I enjoyed. But since I’m nothing if not a chronic procrastinator (see ‘purchasing Easter shoes on Saturday’ above), we ended up boiling and dyeing eggs at 9:30 on Saturday night. With an early wake up time on Sunday. It was as peaceful and grace-filled as you can imagine.

IMG_8531 IMG_8534 IMG_8536

Sunday was a great day spent enjoying family and candy, but only once we got past the “don’t you dare spill that on your Easter clothes before I take some pictures” breakfast hour.  For breakfast, we made Resurrection Rolls together, which is one of our favorite Easter traditions.  We had an Easter Egg Hunt after lunch, then spent time chatting with family.  The evening was quiet, and I got to finish reading a book, so that totally counts that as another Easter miracle to celebrate!




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